King Of The Shack, explained

Every year for the last 10 years Thrasher Magazine has held their King Of The Road contest in which 4 different skateboard brands assemble their teams and do a nationwide skate scavenger hunt of sorts. Guys get tattoos, break bones, and put it all on the line for the glory of being crowned that year's King Of The Road. The most recent one was won by Alien Workshop, and one of the teams involved was Creature Skateboards. 

Our two Team Managers Kyle Spaeth and Kyle McCormick are both massive fans of Creature. We found out there was a way to get our hands on 1 of the jerseys that the Creature team wore during the KOTR. So we did it, but again, we could only get 1. 

So instead of having them do something lame to see who gets the jersey we decided to create The King Of The Shack to determine who will receive this one-of-a-kind jersey. They both got to pick a team member, Spaeth picked Jake Brown and McCormick picked Kyle Calandra. It started Monday night with the skateboard toss and is ongoing until this Friday morning. Obviously, this is just a local thing and nowhere near the level of debauchery that Thrasher accomplishes with the KOTR. 

None the less, we hope you enjoy the following days of these two making fools of themselves and dedicating their efforts to being crowned King of the Shack. Stay tuned for lots more from this, as below is merely just a sampling of the tasks they have been completing.