clip of the week: Straight insanity at the 2013 Van Doren Finals

Amidst the chaos, baby rioting, and circus that is the US Open of Surfing, a quiet event out of the water certainly made a ton of noise. It may very well have been one of the best bowl events in recent memory. We'll let Thrasher's words on it explain the rest:

Vans doesn't mess around when it comes to throwing a contest and the 2013 Vans US Open will go down in history as not only one of the best, but the event where the new generation of bowl rippers really took control. From Greyson's psycho float to Raven's Rube-a-Dube to Hatchell's trick wizardry, this was one of the wildest finals we've ever seen. And Raney's transfer? Just wait!

1. Ben Hatchell
2. Greyson Fletcher
3. Raven Tershy