Deck of the Week: Zero Jamie Thomas Breakout

Company : Zero
Skater: Jamie Thomas
Width : 9.75
Construction : In anticipation of the new Black Box movie Cold War and the release of Fallen Footwear's The Road Less Traveled we present this 32 inch 7-Ply Pressed Maple Retro Cruiser Deck. If this looks oddly familiar its because this deck was the Battle Commander deck when The Berrics made Jamie Thomas Battle Commander. The deck sold out so quickly Zero decided to bring it back. The board is a must own for a fan of Jamie's, Zero's or anyone how needs a retro shape to kick around on or shred in a bowl or on any of the 50 ramps people seem to be building in ocean county. Now enjoy Jamie's Battle Commander also featuring a handful of other Zero rippers including the one and only Chris Cobra Cole.