Clip of the week : DC Presents : Nyjah Fade to Black

This was simply put, the easiest clip of the week to pick ever. I would give anything to hear the conversations between Nyjah and Chris Ray as they went spot to spot. Nowadays when skaters are going to spots to get footage it is the filmer's responsibility to have a database of all the iconic tricks landed at each spot. So when Chris gets his list out and Nyjah says, "has anyone ever kickflip to fs hurricaned this one?", I can only imagine Chris could only laugh and close his little notebook and say "yeah I think that one would be a first". Then Nyjah heads to that ender rail with too many stairs to count and says, "what do you think of a bs lip?" and Chris just continues to laugh and just says, "sure, have at it". Sit back and enjoy 5 minutes of the best skater on the planet showing the world he is not just a "contest skater".