Deck of the Week: Deathwish Death-A-Mania

Company : Deathwish
Skater : Erik Ellington
Width : 8.125
Construction : Standard 7ply pressed maple deck but with one of my favorite deck graphic series of all time. This series is a tribute to classic WWF stars (not WWE) such as Hulk Hogan, Superfly Jimmy Snooka, George "The Animal" Steele and the one featured showing Erik Ellington as "The Ultimate Warrior" himself beating up on Papa Shango. We had a few of these and the rest are long gone so I feel its a crime we still have this one in stock. Come grab this if your a Deathwish fan, a fan of the Mule, or a nerd like me who misses getting stoked for WrestleMania. Now enjoy Erik Ellington showing why he was the only one worthy of being featured at the Ultimate Warrior in this clip from his Berrics Battle Commander video.