Deck of the Week : Real Ishod Pyscho Awesome Wicked Cruiser

Company : Real
Skater : Ishod Wair (SOTY)
Width : 9.0
Construction : This 9 x 32.15 inch monster of a deck uses Real's patented R1 construction to make this a sick pool, mini-ramp, or transition boards for someone trying to pay homage to the old school or just a filthy cruiser for the skater who is embarrassed to have a Billabong (Sector 9) or Penny under there feet but don't like kicking for days on their everyday board. Obviously anything with Ishod's name on it has been jumping off the shelves so come grab this guy quick. Now here's his Fourstar part from Thrasher earlier this year. If you thought it was going to be his SB Chronicles part well then you don't know me well enough.