Deck of the Week: Habitat Thrasher Search the Horizon Collab


Company : Habitat
Skater : Brian Delatorre
Width : 8.25
Construction : Standard 7ply pressed Canadian maple from our buddies over at DNA distribution. Bet you all thought I'd go with Suciu huh??? WRONG!!! Sure Mark Suciu's part may be the kind of thing to catapult him into the elite after reading the interviews they both did in Thrasher a few months ago I was further assured that I was a larger Dela fan than Suciu. Nothing against Suciu and his technical mastery but Dela's raw aggressive style combined with his "could care less" attitude makes him the epitome of what skating is getting away from and simultaneously where skating should be going. Don't believe me? Check out this clip and then I dare you to disagree with me.