Clip of the week : Harbor Goes South

The guys over at Harbor are the perfect reminder of why skateboarding is not dead as so many critics seem to constantly echo over social media due to the new "swaggy" generation of skaters who wear Nike, shop at Zumiez and constantly peruse (ccs) to see what the corporations say is cool. Harbor is as local to Manahawkin and as core as any company can possibly be. The owner is a local, their designers are local, and their team (Brian, Matt, Mike, Dan, etc.) can regularly be found ripping at all the usual parks and spots that everyone reading this frequents themselves. Companies like Harbor are skateboarding and are the kind of thing that help to drive it in the way it should be going. Tons of start ups pop up year after year in our industry and its so easy for them to show up at contests and hand out stickers to the groms and dangle the "s" word over all of their heads and then expect that to somehow translate into them becoming the next Plan B. Harbor is taking the more noble and (in my mind) correct approach. Kevin, the owner, skates. Kevin's friends skate, and skate well. Kevin makes boards for himself and his friends to help them skate even better. To promote the brand they go and skate together. This absurdly simplistic approach IS HOW IT IS DONE and this video is nothing more than friends skating together, they just happen to skate better than us. Now stop reading this and watch the dudes tear on a good old fashioned road trip down to Richmond, VA.