Deck of the Week : Antihero Grantihero

Company : Antihero
Skater : Grant Taylor
Width : 8.43
Construction : Fortunately for the guys over at Antihero, Deluxe wood tends to be second to none because the Antihero guys would have a hard enough time spelling deck let alone making one. While I know this one has been out for a few weeks it still stokes me out. All joking aside, its pretty sick that Grant has been accepted into the ranks of skate royalty at Antihero that includes Julien Stranger, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, TNT and THE John Cardiel. This was a match made in hell that everyone knew was inevitable by the way that Grant made every pool his personal playground. Now if you haven't already, watch this welcome to the team video of the 2011 SOTY that was put together in only a few weeks even though the footage is good enough to be in a part that would take a year to film.