Deck of the Week : Creature Give 'em Hell

Company : Creature
Skater : Stu Graham
Width : 9.0 yeah thats right, 9.0
Construction : This 9.0 8ply 33inch long behemoth of a skateboard is the board of choice of Stu Graham and more importantly The Shack's own, Jake Brown. I don't need to tell you that boards are trending wider and Jake and all the dudes at Creature are the ones leading the big board charge. This board specifically is not only wide, however. It is also part of the fastest selling series that our fastest selling brand has ever issued. The "Give em Hell" series is a sick homage retro bomber pilots done in a way only the CSFU crew can do. Now watch why Stu needs every bit of the 9 inches this board offers in the old Creature clip.