Clip of the Week : Alien Workshop Mind Field

Now that it has finally sunk in I feel like it is now the time to reflect. Alien Workshop is no more but the legacy that classic movies like Mind Field and Photosynthesis have left will continue to live on. While a lot of online forums have been quick to direct the blame to certain skaters in the video that either left the team, neglected to work to promote the brand, or actually owned the company and then sold it are all valid they are also now irrelevant. Regardless of where the blame should be directed Alien is no more. Needless to say Alien's departure from the skate industry bummed me out hard. I felt from a marketing and promotional standpoint Alien always nailed it. They were at one point a very large company and had very wide distribution but still did a fantastic job of maintaining the core small feel that skate companies need to maintain to guarantee longevity in a super fickle market. The fact that a company who did so many things right couldn't make it is disheartening. I know that clearly a lot had to be done wrong from an operational standpoint but I would have hoped that everything else would have helped to overcome those issues. So now pour one out for the homies at Alien Workshop and enjoy one of the best skate videos ever made. (sorry for the grainy video but its the whole thing and its free)