Clip of the Week : Static IV Jake Johnson

Did you guys see Street League is now on FOX Sports?????? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok on a serious note skateboarding is at an obvious crossroads that it has been forced to cross before. There is the mainstream competive Street Leage / Nike BS, I mean SB, and then there's the far more gritty creative version where dudes like Jake Johnson even now force you to walk around urban centers and see walls, sewer grates, and loading docks as more than just the practical pieces of infrastructure they are designed to be. Maybe its because our infrastructure is collapsing thanks to a do nothing Congress but perhaps thats a conversation for another day. Nevertheless there is an underground scene led by some of the old guard that is gaining more and more traction everyday. This is highly encouraging to dudes who like skating the way it was before the Mountain Dews, Nikes, Adidas, Monster, Targets, and Beats of the worlds started manipulating the sport into the Sportcenter highlight reel that it is inevitably heading towards. Now enjoy our favorite part of a video that is a prime example of a project that highlights the East Coast scene in a way that it deserves to be highlighted.