Deck of the Week: Girl Be Kind Rewind

Company : Girl
Skater : Mike Carroll
Width : 8.125
Construction : Your standard Crail wood with 7 ply Canadian maple construction. This deck is part of one of the coolest series of the summer. Each deck highlights a classic movie/tv show that embodies the personality of the skater. Mike Carroll decided to pay homage to the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels epic Dumb and Dumber while poking fun at his all too broey relationship with Crail/Girl co-owner Rick Howard.  Mike Carroll is classic and a straight up boss. Dumb and Dumber is classic and the early previews of the sequel have me very nervous that the original's legacy may become tarnished so before it does I wanted to remind everyone that Dumb and Dumber was the shit and so is Mike Carroll.