Deck of the Week : Cliche Last Supper Cruiser Deck

Company : Cliche
Skater : You?? 
Artist : Marc McKee
Width : 8.75
Construction : This super versatile cruiser/transition shape features the artwork of the legendary graphic designer Marc McKee who made his mark in skateboarding history by making countless graphics for World Industries during the golden age of skateboarding........the 90s. Ok so the 90s was a little confusing and hardly skateboarding's golden age but what Marc McKee and the guys at World Industries ended up doing was critical to the skate industry today. They made graphics that were contemporary, controversial, and thought provoking. Without artists like Marc McKee and visionaries like Steve Rocco, the modern skater owned brands would have never had the guts to get started. Seeing guys like them take chances are exactly what makes skateboarding not a "sport" and instead a lifestyle.