Clip of the Week: Epicly Later'd Chocolate Skateboards

This one was way too easy. For starters I/we at the Shack, are suckers for this series. Patrick O'Dell has really nailed it time after time documenting the lives of nearly all of our all time favorite skaters. Combine this with the celebration of one of our all time favorite brands and unfortunately all the Run & Guns, Oververt parts, and "welcome to the team" videos that just came out had very little chance. This part 1 of a 4 part series hammers home the concept of "skater owned". The guys at crailtap embody all things skateboarding and remind you why they have been able to remain relevant after all these years. This is a sick and even inspiring watch so get some popcorn, find a dark room and enjoy all 4 parts then come in and support companies like Chocolate who support skateboarding.