Clip of the Week : Guy Mariano "Life on Video"

I was late to the game when it came to watching this series that was released on The Berrics. Maybe its because it was on the Berrics and I hate navigating Nike ad after Nike ad just to watch a video or maybe it was because I didn't want to see a biography of a dude thats still destroying it. The whole vibe from it led me to believe that it was big reminiscing about how good Guy was and to be fair it was kind of that up until part 5. The best/worst thing about it, however, was how Guy so casually talked about video part after video part. The thing thats bad about it is that if you are just some kid who is just getting into skating you may watch this and think Guy is just a dude who has been around for a long time. Uh, no. Listening to Guy reminded me how rad he was as a person and how rad skating is as a lifestyle. He speaks about each part as if they were such a struggle and how each were just a different simple level of a small personal accomplishments. THEY WERE NOT. MOUSE WAS A GAME CHANGER, FULLY FLARED WAS A GAME CHANGER and in PRETTY SWEET HE DELIVERED THE BEST VIDEO PART EVER!!! This series of videos was an awesome way to spend a snowy day in NJ and I suggest all of you watch all 5 parts of this and ignore the fact that the dude talking is under appreciating the best skater of all-time. In this instance the two just happen to be the same person.