Deck of the Week : Creature Hesh Camp Ltd.

Company : Creature
Skater : Al Partanen
Width : 8.2 x 31.9
Construction : Remember that time you weren't freezing your ass off? That time before your car woudn't start, and it was 20 degrees outside? Creature Skateboards is proud to present Al Partanen's Hesh Camp, a board dedicated to the "before" times. The times when the sun was shining, and you could take a piss anywhere. When pitching a tent was an essential key to survival and less of a boner reference. These boards are limited to 340 pieces (we are lucky enough to have #3) and come on Al's favorite 8.2 sled. Buy one, thaw out, spill blood. Now enjoy the CSFU crew kill it in this old clip.