Clip of the Week : Matt Berger's Pro Part

Skip back 4 months ago. Thrasher started putting out their annual "King of the Road" episodes with 3 teams that left everyone thinking.... eh. KOTR is normally reserved for the grimiest, heshiest, dirt baggiest of the skate industry. This year instead they asked element, flip, and birdhouse whose team's were a who's who of street league finalists (apologies to birdhouse, they don't fully apply to this stereotype). After a few episodes, however, I found myself getting stoked on dudes that I always thought were too robotic and mechanical. I was won over by nearly all of them, except Nyjah, and the Flip team didn't only convince me that Louie, Curren, and Alec were way radder than I previously thought, they also introduced us to Matt Berger. After the 3rd episode I found myself looking the dude up after seeing a few random clips during the KOTR webisodes. By the time it was done, Matt Berger ended up being one of my absolute favorite dudes that was on the come up. I again apologize for my ignorance, I am sure those in the know were well aware of Matt and his absurdly tech skills that somehow comes across as raw but to me this was his coming out. After all of that its no wonder the dudes at Flip decided to make him pro and that his pro part was mind numbing.