Shoe of the Week : HUF Classic Lo Canvas Pack

Company : HUF
Skater : Any Animal Friendly Skater Who is tired of blowing out shoes
Construction : This limited release version of HUF's extremely popular classic lo is an all vegan/vegetarian canvas upper with the same vulcanized sole and rubber toe cap that has helped make the suede version of this shoe such a crazy trend setter and awesome skateable option from the HUF line. Since this shoe was released over a year ago the reemergence of the rubber toe cap has exploded back onto the skate scene and it was no coincidence. Sure companies were already doing different things to reinforce the blowout spots in shoes but they were all just small subtle difference to help slightly prolong the life of the shoe while not hurting the shoes aesthetics. HUF took this and turned it on its head with this throwback look and instead of trying to hide the reinforcement they made it the shoes focal point. Even if HUF's fashion forward and unique styles aren't exactly your thing you have to respect a company who is the one leading and setting trends instead of following them. Now as always is a clip of the HUF guys getting it done as a thank you to all who took to the time to listen to my ramblings about a company I am pretty passionate about.