Deck of the Week : Alien Workshop Any Means Prescription Deck

Company : Alien Workshop
Skater : A handful of amateur rippers and no pros...........yet
Width : 8.375 x 32.375
Construction :  7 Ply team maple from the dudes at Tum Yeto. When Alien first closed its doors I was hoping they would stay shut because the magic the brand had I didn't think could ever be recaptured. When I heard they were coming back and Tum Yeto would be handling the distribution and relaunch I was cautiously optimistic. While they were not able to bring back any of the riders from the old team and they have been criticized for taking an unconventional approach with relaunching a brand without a single pro athlete it seems as if they are getting back to their roots of graphics that are controversial, political, and all around rad. It is still early to say that Alien is back to where it was but in my opinion they are definitely doing things the right way and headed exactly in that direction. Now check out this clip of one of their select few new ams, Frankie Spears, that will be part of rebuilding what was once one of the most epic teams in all of skateboarding.