Shoe of the Week : Fallen The Easy Saint Archer Collab

Company : Fallen
Skater : Slash and any fan of a good micro brew owned almost entirely by a collective of pro skaters
Weight : 13 oz.
Construction : The easy has a slim, casual upper and comes with elastic gussets which allow this shoe to be worn with or without laces. It has a low-profile vulcanized construction with abrasion resistant outsole making it a solid durable shoe for the vulc skate shoe fan. What makes this one a little extra special is the fact that it is a collab to celebrate the success of the Saint Archer Brewing Company of which Brian "Slash" Hansen is a part of. Having a beer sponsor for athletes may sound way too Mountain Dewy but this isn't like that. These dudes are part of the company and have helped to shape the way this whole brand of micro brews are marketed and sold. Do yourself a favor and grab this shoe and stop some place that carries Saint Archer on the way home to help unwind after a nice skate sesh. Now check out the dudes killing it to celebrate the launch of this sick collaboration.