Clip of the Week : Austyn Gillette HUF Part

If you have come into the store recently and have asked me about the new Austyn shoe I may have chewed your ear off about how annoying that a vegan would make an all leather skate shoe. I don't mind vegans and I don't mind leather shoes but I hate hypocrisy and phonies. As it would turn out however, Austyn is neither of these things. After doing very quick and easy research I found an article where he dispelled the vegan rumor which I can only assume started by the fact that his old Habitat shoe was vegan and most of their team was also vegan at the time. Turns out Austyn is just the average run of the mill hipster that eats meat. That being said even if he was a hypocrite his skating would still be mind melting and his style would be second to very few if any. Haters , myself included, have been dogging him for not coming out with any footage since the a short Habitat part a few years ago but the co-founder of team handsome certainly shut me up. This part is sick. Still has the HUF artsy stamp and feel but its about his skating first and foremost unlike a certain other HUF skater who put out a part that was a little skating, a little cig smoking, and a few boob shots. Bottom line, Austyn Gillette rips,  I'm dumb, but I'm still not buying the shoe. Tons of new classic lo colors should be arriving any day now for those who want a HUF shoe to skate.