Deck of the Week : Skateswords Swallower Deck

Company : Skateswords 
Skater : Anyone who wants to support a Philly based brand that takes skateboarding but not themselves seriously
Width : 8.25 (but comes in other sizes)
Construction : Local pressed. Locally screened. Locally designed. These dudes much like our friends at Harbor, ScumCo, TOPX, Politic, and Caravan make skateboards in the US by skateboarders. Skateswords was founded in 2009 and it sure looks like they have been having a blast ever since then. The self proclaimed best weapon in the skate industry is a must try for anyone who is in need of a new deck and wants to support a company that is the embodiment of skateboarding. Now enjoy the dudes who even caught the attention of the dudes over more commonly called the Berrics (we wont hold that against them).