Clip of the Week : Sable

This 16 minute video done by friend of The Shack, Matt Velez, is forcing me to go out of order for my blog posts. Normally we are due for a "Deck of the Week" but considering I am expecting some sick new wood in the next few days from Scumco, Real, Krooked, Antihero, and others I figured this was a good time to break trend and post this full length rad edit featuring a ton of local skaters that killed it and were filmed by another local that killed the editing process so hard that companies like Transworld, Quartersnacks, Harbor, and Politic Skateboards have all been sharing and promoting it. Matt did an awesome job of nailing the whole "less is more" editing feel while still doing a killer job of having each part seemlessly transition to the next. This is classic east coast filming and skating at its best that hammers home the point that creativity can be more fun to watch than amplitude and that consistency can be more impressive than craziness. All that being said, enjoy this video if you haven't already and a large congrats to all the dudes involved for making a video all of us from NJ can be proud to say represent our way of skateboarding.