Deck of the Week : Terror of Planet X Jimmy The Mantis Chung Guest Board

Company : Terror of Planet X
Skater : Jimmy Chung
Width : Available in 8.0, 8.12, 8.25, and 8.5 (8.38 sold)
Construction : Pennswood. All you need to know. These are an extremely limited run of only 100 boards so if you want one, come get one. Angel at TOPX is killing it by surrounding himself with friends who support what hes doing and its helping to create a brand that makes can't miss collabs, graphics, and wood. For those who don't know who Jimmy Chung is, shame on you. That being said Jimmy is one of the Philly og pros that helped to push the entire east coast scene and more specifically the Love Park scene. With video credits that include the Fairmans Videos and Eastern Exposure he is one of the east coasts greats despite his relative early departure from the skate scene. Now enjoy Jimmy doing him thing in true 90's style