Clip of the Week : Tom Knox's "Vase" Part

Ok I'll admit I'm a little behind on my video parts but in trying to catch up this one stopped me dead in my tracks. Besides sharing the name of skate royalty Tom Knox clearly also shares the skate chops as well. I remember seeing his footage in Eleventh Hour and wondering where the hell he came from and now seeing his skating mature even more is nothing short of inspiring. This video part from Isle skateboards featuring the young Brit has an almost east coast feel to it thanks to the grimy street style skating in spots that look almost unskateable. It combines creative long lines along with heavy hammers to make the nearly perfect video part. Isle and Tom Knox have been on the radar of American skate enthusiasts for a little while but Vase should put them on the mainstream radar. Do yourself a favor and download the whole thing after watching this one part.