Clip of the Week : The Dime Video

While this is technically the fourth video that the Canadian based website Dime has put out this is quite obviously the one that has been given the largest exposure in the states. Needless to say this is not a bad thing. This video includes a handful of very familiar names headlined by shop favorite Jake Johnson and an even larger list of north of the border rippers who most of us are seeing skate for the first time. The Canadian answer to the Northeast's Quartersnacks does an awesome job of instilling faith in the US based skate community who are planning on moving up north if President Trump ends up getting elected. While we may have to leave the country we grew up loving at least we will be going to a country full of sick spots with an unmistakably east coast style and vibe. This video is an awesome compliment to the Thrasher video library that is being released the same time as KOTR. Both represent two opposite sides of the skate spectrum and somehow both are still rad as shit. Now if we can only eliminate the lameness that the running shoe brands have injected into skateboarding we will only have platforms with varying styles which are all unique and sick in their own ways instead of a contest driven, red camera filming, energy drink promoting doucheyness that Nike has forced down our throats.