Deck of the Week : Girl Spike Jonze Beastie Boys Deck

Company : Girl
Skater : Team Deck
Artist : Movie/Skate Video/Music Video Director Extraordinaire Spike Jonze
Width : 8.25
Construction : Traditional tried and tested crailtap wood with a pretty epic still from probably my favorite music video of all time. I guess this dates me a little bit but the video for "Sabotage" (not the northeast skate video with lots of naked homeless people, the 2 minute Beastie Boys video satirizing 70's police movies) holds up to the test of time. Combine that with a deck brand that has been going through mild turmoil as the sporting goods giants continue to take a stranglehold over the industry that the guys at Girl and Chocolate helped to mold and this deck was a no brainer deck of the week for me. We got a few of these in and most of them are already either being skated or hung on a wall somewhere I believe theres at least one left at The Shack. Now I would have loved to have attached a copy of the original video for you all to enjoy but its harder to find online than I would have thought. Instead here is one of Spike's other classic videos thats a little more relevant to our blog.