Deck of the Week : Antihero Wonderful Life Chris Pfanner

Company : Antihero
Skater : Chris Pfanner
Width : 8.25
Construction : High concave, full shape, and classic Deluxe 7 ply maple wood. Add in classic Todd Francis art and this is one of our favorite series we've gotten in a while. The Chris Pfanner graphic that we picked out feels perfect for our new year. 2016 was a shitstorm of dead celebrities, virus outbreaks, natural disasters, terrorism, and worst of all.....Trump. I choose to take this graphic in a positive way despite the fact that the rats seem to be preparing to eat that hobo. The end of 2016 is upon us and let us celebrate the end being near by giving the 18 a shot. Unlike most of these post the series isn't even in stock at The Shack yet so if you want it let us know and we will put one on reserve. Until then peep the shops favorite group of dirtbags do their thing.