Clip of the Week : Crusty Coast

On facebook when I shared this video I didn't go into much detail on exactly how "long awaited" this edit has been. This edit was originally meant to be part of the Ride Channel's Open section on their website to feature shop's team and style. They reached out back in November and we were hoping to get something together quick to have for the holidays since we already had a lot of footage saved up. Unfortunately a lot of the structure they requested and limitations they placed made us a little apprehensive. We were not stoked with the soundtrack they forced us to use or the format they expected everything to be sent in but we didn't want all the work and footage to go to waste, thus.... crusty coast. This is a better reflection of what Mike, Stephen, Josh, and a lot of the boys from our Southern Jersey crew are about and while it may not be featured on Ride Channel its still a solid edit and does more than do justice to the boys and the Shack. Now enjoy the fruits of Mike Schenker's labor.