Shoe of the Week : eS Accel Slim Everstitch

Company : eS
Skater : Team Shoe (but lets call it the Tom Asta/Kelly Hart Shoe)
Weight : 11 oz.
Construction : New STI Everstitch technology has been added to the already highly demanded Accel Slim. This new skateable knit technology is extremely light, breathable, and long lasting. This shoe is animal friendly for all our vegan friends out there. The toe piece is coated with STI Thermothane to increase durability and provide the perfect flick. Note of caution, however, eS does explain that though the everstitch material is very durable its far from invincible. A full suede with a hard toe cap is obviously going to hold up better but this will be comparable at a fraction of the weight and be way more flexible and breathable. We are still personally waiting for feedback on this or the eS Swift which is also offered in the everstitch but its awesome to see eS doing what it does best which is always pushing the envelope when it comes to skate shoe design and tech. Now watch Tom Asta put these to work (hes actually wearing the swift so maybe I should have changed the shoe of the week to that but Ive gotten this far and I feel too invested, just assume its the accel slim, they are super similar anyways).