Monday, February 23, 2015

Shoe of the Week : eS Accelerate

Company : eS
Skater : Team (which is already nasty and growing)
Construction : The Accelerate skate shoes from eS offer a supportive, impact-resistant cupsole with a durable suede and nubuck upper that's perforated on the sides and vamp for breathability. Designed to mirror the original Accel shoes that started it all. The Shack is stoked to be one of the select shops that has been invited to join in the eS family and with new offerings such as this shoe its no wonder why. When eS left skateboarding it was because their place in the market was overrun by running shoe brands that have been staging a coup against skater owned and operated companies. A little over a year ago now the guys at Sole Tech decided enough was enough. While the running shoe companies are still looming largely over a heavily contested industry Sole Tech decided to keep taking the fight to them. Between eS , Etnies, and Emerica, the Sole Tech brands are aggressively presenting good looking skateable alternatives to its former loyal customer base who is growing tired of the same old running shoe inspired models the larger sporting goods corporations  are offering. This new black/white/orange model will be available in our store this week and online shortly after so do yourself and skateboarding a favor and say no to the Nike/Cons/Adidas bs and go back to supporting the core. As always heres a nice reminder video to reward those who were patient enough to read through my rant. Oh and it just so happens to be one of the best if not the best skate video of all time........enjoy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Deck of the Week : Terror of Planet X Welcome to Hell Deck

Company : Terror of Planet X 
Skater : Mike Maldonado
Width : 8.0, 8.25, 8.5
Construction : Made in the xxxxing U.S.A. The dudes over at Terror of Planet X have been all over the Northeast scene recently and The Shack is stoked to be able to make them a part of our offering. The boards should be on the wall by the end of the week. This one is my favorite for a shit ton of reasons. The "welcome to hell" graphic is an homage to what many consider to be the best skate video of all time by the same name that Mike Maldonado was a part of. The misfitsesque graphic definitely hammers home that old school punk feel and the fact the it is made in the USA, comes in a bunch of sizes, and is the pro model of an east coast legend makes this an instant Donny-favorite. We can't wait to get these on the wall and start repping another east coast brand that is doing it right. Now check out Adam Hribar put the USA wood to the test