Friday, August 21, 2015

Clip of the Week : Stay Flared Philadelphia

Some of you were lucky enough to be there and even a few more of you were lucky enough to stumble upon these guys in the city even before the demo but for those of you who didn't make the trek up to missed out. Four SOTYs, 1 GOAT, and about a dozen other guys who are all inside of mine and most peoples top 20 favorites in the same spot at the same time. This was an epic collaboration tour between 2 companies that are trying to fight to keep their spot in the industry they helped mold. It's mind blowing that at a time when skating has a place on network television and its popularity is garnering interest from sporting good conglomerates, energy drink companies, and department stores that two companies that are responsible for putting out videos like This Is Skateboarding, Fully Flared, and Stay Gold can't maintain a place in the marketplace. When the "skateboarding fad" passes and the running shoe companies that have decided to capitalize on the popularity of a sport that Lakai and Emerica helped to popularize what do you think the Nikes, Cons, and Adidas' of the world will do??? Ill tell you. Make more tennis, running, golf, football, baseball, and basketball shoes. They have no real investment in skateboarding. None. Lakai and Emerica have no plan B. They are 100% invested in skateboarding and they are in it for as long as skateboarding will have them. When the "fad" passes companies like Lakai and Emerica will still work to keep skateboarding and themselves alive. The running shoes companies will just leave the mess they caused and try to come back once again when the money seems easy. Now watch most of the best skaters in the world skate our favorite city and remember why they went around and did this. Because they give a shit.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Shoe of the Week : Lakai Guymar Stay Flared

Company : Lakai Ltd
Skater : Guy Mariano
Weight : 13oz.
Construction : The Lakai Guymar Stay Flared skate shoes feature comfort you've come to depend on from the Guy Mariano Pro Model, but with added Stay Flared details. Still present is the durable one-piece toe construction and board feel you expect from the Guymar. Bottom line is this shoe good. The front half of the outsole is a semi vulcanized construction allowing the board feel every skater wants under the balls of his feet but the shoe seemlessly transitions into a cupsole by the time it gets to the heel providing all of the durability, support, and impact protection not normally found in shoes that have as much feel and flexibility that this offers. We have this in 3 colors at the Shack and you owe it to yourself and the G.O.A.T. himself to try this thing out. Now watch the living legend himself do what only he can do in what many consider to be one of the best videos of all time.