Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shoe of the Week : DVS Nica

Company : DVS 
Skater : Chico Brenes
Construction : The DVS Nica Shoes Black/Gum Suede are a clean new skate shoe. Features include a suede upper, cupsole construction, lightly padded tongue and collar, seamless toecap and DVS detailing throughout. This is the newest shoe with one of our favorite dudes ever's name attached to it. If you haven't done so already go back and watch the 20 years of Chocolate video on Epicly Later'd that we posted a few weeks ago. Chico is the personification of style and loyalty. Nearly every brand he rides for now he has ridden for since he started. Now enjoy some old Chico footage and come buy his new shoe.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Deck of the Week : Foundation Happy Hour Deck

Company : Foundation
Skater : Nick Merlino
Width : 8.0
Construction : This 31.25in long Foundation deck of the week is less about the unique construction and more about reminding everyone that our friend Nick Merlino will have, what is sure to be a pretty mind numbing part in the new Dekline video that is coming out on Thrasher in the next few days called "True Blue". This will be an online only video but The Shack is doing its best to get their hands on a hard copy to have a local premier to make sure everyone can watch south jersey skateboardings favorite son destroy it on a global scale. In the meantime check out Nick land one of the heaviest kickflips of all time and come in and grab up any one of his 5 pro decks that we have available for sale.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Clip of the Week: Epicly Later'd Chocolate Skateboards

This one was way too easy. For starters I/we at the Shack, are suckers for this series. Patrick O'Dell has really nailed it time after time documenting the lives of nearly all of our all time favorite skaters. Combine this with the celebration of one of our all time favorite brands and unfortunately all the Run & Guns, Oververt parts, and "welcome to the team" videos that just came out had very little chance. This part 1 of a 4 part series hammers home the concept of "skater owned". The guys at crailtap embody all things skateboarding and remind you why they have been able to remain relevant after all these years. This is a sick and even inspiring watch so get some popcorn, find a dark room and enjoy all 4 parts then come in and support companies like Chocolate who support skateboarding.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoe of the Week : Etnies Barge LS

Company : Etnies
Skater : Team Shoe
Weight : 13oz.
Construction : The low-profile, vulcanized Barge LS is a team favorite that features slim, deconstructed styling with a thinly padded tongue and collar, incorporated 400 NBS rubber outsole and an STI Foam Lite Level 1 footbed for comfort. The thing that sets this shoe apart and helped to make it the "shoe of the week" was the price. This shoe, which we have in multiple colors, is only $55 retail. For those of you with your VIP Shack cards it comes to $46.75. For a brand new, skateable, durable, good looking shoe, that price is almost unbeatable. The dudes at Sole Tech (Etnies, Emerica, and ES) have realized that while a ton of hype from sneaker heads has driven up the price of most shoes in the market, actual skaters still need affordable options and don't give a shit about posting their new shoe pics on instagram and making sure they keep their box to add to the collection. This shoe is meant to be bought buy someone who will skate the hell out of it, it is then supposed to be enjoyed while getting tore up, patched up with crazy glue or shoe goo, tore up again and eventually tossed away. Come grab one of these or the Leo Laced, Reynolds Low Vulcs, Lakai MJs, or any other sub $60 shoe that you will love up until the day it inevitably blows out.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deck of the Week : Cliche Last Supper Cruiser Deck

Company : Cliche
Skater : You?? 
Artist : Marc McKee
Width : 8.75
Construction : This super versatile cruiser/transition shape features the artwork of the legendary graphic designer Marc McKee who made his mark in skateboarding history by making countless graphics for World Industries during the golden age of skateboarding........the 90s. Ok so the 90s was a little confusing and hardly skateboarding's golden age but what Marc McKee and the guys at World Industries ended up doing was critical to the skate industry today. They made graphics that were contemporary, controversial, and thought provoking. Without artists like Marc McKee and visionaries like Steve Rocco, the modern skater owned brands would have never had the guts to get started. Seeing guys like them take chances are exactly what makes skateboarding not a "sport" and instead a lifestyle. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Clip of the Week : Foundation WTF Nick Merlino

If you've been to the store recently and spoke to any of the dudes working you may have a pretty good idea why I chose to do this to be this weeks Clip of the Week. The Shack will be hosting the always polarizing Nick Merlino Sunday September 28th. If you don't know who Nick Merlino is then first off, WHATS YOUR PROBLEM? And to answer the question you should already know the answer to Nick is an Atlantic City native who exploded onto the skate scene after making the permanent move out west. Besides competing in every level of competition from the Dew tour to the maloof cup, to tampa to the x games Nick gained national attention after landing a switch heel down the wallenburg gap. Bottom line Nick kills it on a national and now even global scale as he has been traveling the world and it all started in good ol Southern Jersey, so for now enjoy one of Nick's best video parts and get stoked to come meet and skate with the man himself in only a few weeks.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shoe of the Week : Lakai MJ

Company : Lakai
Skater : Marc Johnson
Weight : 12 oz.
Construction : Marc Johnson's newest signature shoe is a case study in minimalism and comfort. The slim, understated, lightly padded upper is affixed to lakai's popular Griffin outsole using a 2-piece foxing tape construction for added support and durability. The first piece creates the textured top line with the second piece adding the toe bumper and smooth sidewall. A split collar construction adds detail and improves heel lock. The finishing touch is the EVA insole that pairs nicely with the crated midsole for maximum comfort both on and off the board. Shown is the "phantom canvas" colorway which is a vegan friendly highly skateable option. We also have in available in traditional black suede for all of you carnivores as well. Bottom line the MJ is sure to be one of Lakai's and The Shack's most popular selling shoes for quite some time. Now enjoy the former Thrasher SOTY in his signature part.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clip of the Week : Static IV Jake Johnson

Did you guys see Street League is now on FOX Sports?????? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok on a serious note skateboarding is at an obvious crossroads that it has been forced to cross before. There is the mainstream competive Street Leage / Nike BS, I mean SB, and then there's the far more gritty creative version where dudes like Jake Johnson even now force you to walk around urban centers and see walls, sewer grates, and loading docks as more than just the practical pieces of infrastructure they are designed to be. Maybe its because our infrastructure is collapsing thanks to a do nothing Congress but perhaps thats a conversation for another day. Nevertheless there is an underground scene led by some of the old guard that is gaining more and more traction everyday. This is highly encouraging to dudes who like skating the way it was before the Mountain Dews, Nikes, Adidas, Monster, Targets, and Beats of the worlds started manipulating the sport into the Sportcenter highlight reel that it is inevitably heading towards. Now enjoy our favorite part of a video that is a prime example of a project that highlights the East Coast scene in a way that it deserves to be highlighted.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Deck of the Week: Girl Be Kind Rewind

Company : Girl
Skater : Mike Carroll
Width : 8.125
Construction : Your standard Crail wood with 7 ply Canadian maple construction. This deck is part of one of the coolest series of the summer. Each deck highlights a classic movie/tv show that embodies the personality of the skater. Mike Carroll decided to pay homage to the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels epic Dumb and Dumber while poking fun at his all too broey relationship with Crail/Girl co-owner Rick Howard.  Mike Carroll is classic and a straight up boss. Dumb and Dumber is classic and the early previews of the sequel have me very nervous that the original's legacy may become tarnished so before it does I wanted to remind everyone that Dumb and Dumber was the shit and so is Mike Carroll. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Emerica Herman G6 Vulc

Company : Emerica
Skater : Bryan Herman
Weight : 10 oz.
Construction : The Herman G6 Vulc is infused with the Herman DNA, featuring Emerica's new G6 in-sole technology. It has the same G6 high-rebound lightweight cushion foam insole, with a stabilizing support carriage. It is also equipped with dropped-to-the-floor (DTTF) construction for improved board feel and a Vulcanized Gum Rubber outsole with the Emerica Triangle Tread. Keeping with tradition, this G6 Vulc utilizes Herman’s signature Heritage in the design, as well as its one-piece toe panel to avoid blowouts in the ollie area. Bottom line this affordable option to the original G6 now provides everything that everyone loved in the first one in an version that will make anyone skating a vulc that isn't this feel like their shoe is flat out not as good. Support skater owned and rock a sick looking highly skateable pair of Hermans that will be fully stocked at The Shack starting next week. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clip of the Week : Alien Workshop Mind Field

Now that it has finally sunk in I feel like it is now the time to reflect. Alien Workshop is no more but the legacy that classic movies like Mind Field and Photosynthesis have left will continue to live on. While a lot of online forums have been quick to direct the blame to certain skaters in the video that either left the team, neglected to work to promote the brand, or actually owned the company and then sold it are all valid they are also now irrelevant. Regardless of where the blame should be directed Alien is no more. Needless to say Alien's departure from the skate industry bummed me out hard. I felt from a marketing and promotional standpoint Alien always nailed it. They were at one point a very large company and had very wide distribution but still did a fantastic job of maintaining the core small feel that skate companies need to maintain to guarantee longevity in a super fickle market. The fact that a company who did so many things right couldn't make it is disheartening. I know that clearly a lot had to be done wrong from an operational standpoint but I would have hoped that everything else would have helped to overcome those issues. So now pour one out for the homies at Alien Workshop and enjoy one of the best skate videos ever made. (sorry for the grainy video but its the whole thing and its free)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Deck of the Week : Real Hanging Klansman

Company : Real 
Skater : Jim Thiebaud
Width : 8.25 
Construction : This popsicle version of the classic Hanging Klansman reissue is another limited run of 300 boards that sends a portion of the decks proceed to the Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia. This came out first in a retro pool shape a few months ago as part of the 20 year anniversary celebrating Jim's relationship with the Real brand. Incorporating social messaging into graphics was a huge part of the industry and skate culture when this was first issued and the stoke that this board gives me wishes that trend made a reemergence. Everyone who wished they could have gotten one of the originals that the dudes at deluxe were nice enough to send us will be happy to know that we have a couple of these and none of them are spoken for so come grab these up and own a piece of skate history. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Huf Choice Black Elephant

Company : HUF
Skater : Team Shoe (lets call it Austyn's)
Weight : 14oz. 
Construction : This low top suede upper combined with the vulcanized sole make this shoe from Huf their best looking model and when you combine all of that with the padded insole and breathable mesh liner it also becomes one of the most skateable shoes we offer at The Shack . The vulc sole and soft suede upper give this shoe the board feel that vulc customers can't live without but the padded insole give it enough support to still satisfy the cupsole customer. Huf is a company that has grown so fast the last few years and so often companies that experience such sudden growth have trouble with product quality and consistency. Shoes like the choice, the new Galaxy, Sutter, Ramondeta, and Pepper Pro all shoe that Huf has done a fantastic job of avoiding those common pitfalls. All of the shoes always seem to be on the forefront of trends and have durability and comfort that is second to none. Bottom line, they are more than just weed socks. Do yourself a favor and come try on a pair but first watch the Huf squad destroy some pretty familiar looking spots in this Huf in New York video part. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Clip of the Week : Ed Templeton Epicly Later'd

This is a little late but I still feel like there's a lot of you who haven't seen the new Epicly Later'd on one of skateboarding's all time greats, Ed Templeton. We posted an Epicly Later'd of Brandon Westgate almost a year ago but this mini documentary of the Tempster is our favorite Pat O'Dell has ever done. Ed is a personality like no other in skateboarding. An artist/photographer/skater/businessman who is possibly the coolest person on the planet due to the fact that hes just always his weird unique self. This 6 part documentary is an awesome example of how it is possible for people who stay true to themselves and never succumb to industry trends or pander to new markets will always have a place in skateboarding. Simply put Ed Templeton is the man and if you don't already know that, watch all 6 of these now. (after masters coverage ends of course, GO KUCH)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Deck of the Week : Creature Give 'em Hell

Company : Creature
Skater : Stu Graham
Width : 9.0 yeah thats right, 9.0
Construction : This 9.0 8ply 33inch long behemoth of a skateboard is the board of choice of Stu Graham and more importantly The Shack's own, Jake Brown. I don't need to tell you that boards are trending wider and Jake and all the dudes at Creature are the ones leading the big board charge. This board specifically is not only wide, however. It is also part of the fastest selling series that our fastest selling brand has ever issued. The "Give em Hell" series is a sick homage retro bomber pilots done in a way only the CSFU crew can do. Now watch why Stu needs every bit of the 9 inches this board offers in the old Creature clip.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Shoe of the Week : Lakai Pico XLK

Company : Lakai Limited
Skater : Lakai Team (but lets go with Guy Mariano, Happy Birthday by the way)
Color : Bison Suede (Brown/Brown Gum)
Weight : 11oz.
Construction : This rare cup sole released this spring by our friends over at Crailtap has a form fitting suede and canvas upper that give this shoe insane comfort and flexibility. Lakai specializes in vulc but their "XLK" sole is their slightly more bulked up and more supportive version that provides all the cushion you need while still providing solid board feel. The XLK collection is typically offered in most of Lakai's best selling models to provide the cupsole skater with Lakai options. This Pico XLK is exactly that. I decided to do this specific one because it reminded me of a lot of those sick late 90's early 2000's colorways which are starting to trend again with companies like ES reemerging and bringing back a bit of a nostalgic style once again to skateboarding. Now to honor the GOAT himself on his birthday, enjoy Guy Mariano doing his Guy thing, as always in "the shoes we skate".

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clip of the week : Harbor Goes South

The guys over at Harbor are the perfect reminder of why skateboarding is not dead as so many critics seem to constantly echo over social media due to the new "swaggy" generation of skaters who wear Nike, shop at Zumiez and constantly peruse Footlocker.com (ccs) to see what the corporations say is cool. Harbor is as local to Manahawkin and as core as any company can possibly be. The owner is a local, their designers are local, and their team (Brian, Matt, Mike, Dan, etc.) can regularly be found ripping at all the usual parks and spots that everyone reading this frequents themselves. Companies like Harbor are skateboarding and are the kind of thing that help to drive it in the way it should be going. Tons of start ups pop up year after year in our industry and its so easy for them to show up at contests and hand out stickers to the groms and dangle the "s" word over all of their heads and then expect that to somehow translate into them becoming the next Plan B. Harbor is taking the more noble and (in my mind) correct approach. Kevin, the owner, skates. Kevin's friends skate, and skate well. Kevin makes boards for himself and his friends to help them skate even better. To promote the brand they go and skate together. This absurdly simplistic approach IS HOW IT IS DONE and this video is nothing more than friends skating together, they just happen to skate better than us. Now stop reading this and watch the dudes tear on a good old fashioned road trip down to Richmond, VA.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deck of the Week : Antihero Grantihero

Company : Antihero
Skater : Grant Taylor
Width : 8.43
Construction : Fortunately for the guys over at Antihero, Deluxe wood tends to be second to none because the Antihero guys would have a hard enough time spelling deck let alone making one. While I know this one has been out for a few weeks it still stokes me out. All joking aside, its pretty sick that Grant has been accepted into the ranks of skate royalty at Antihero that includes Julien Stranger, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, TNT and THE John Cardiel. This was a match made in hell that everyone knew was inevitable by the way that Grant made every pool his personal playground. Now if you haven't already, watch this welcome to the team video of the 2011 SOTY that was put together in only a few weeks even though the footage is good enough to be in a part that would take a year to film. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Etnies Highlight Black w/ Camo

Company : Etnies
Skater : Tyler Bledsoe
Weight : 7.8 oz. (almost 2oz. lighter than the previous lightest shoe we have ever weighed)
Construction : Almost too much tech to describe. The new Etnies Highlight is built without the added weight of rubber. By integrating "STI Evolution Foam" in the footbed, midsole and outsole, this shoe offers a durable fit that's incredibly lightweight. It has a suede, textile and synthetic upper with a single piece toe which features a laser etched out  hard-silicone backed ollie area to prevent blowouts. It also features an inner booty and moisture wicking liner to keep your heel in place and your feet nice and cool. Bottom line you owe it to yourself to try these on. Now check out Tyler himself in Etnies promo they put out for this very shoe.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Clip of the Week: Bruns Skate Jawn w/ Nik Stain

While we have been fans of Skate Jawn for a little while now, we were especially stoked to see a video of theirs on Thrasher . This video is the third time the bible went out of their way to showcase things our buds on the east coast have going on and after watching this sick clip of raw northeast style ripping its easy to see why the Phelper and company have soft spot for our boys from the right coast. Now peep Nik Stain tear through some sketchy city lines and a few world famous city spots.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Deck of the week: Real Ishod Soty 2013

Company: Real
Skater: Ishod Wair
Width: 8.06 & 8.25
Construction: Standard Real Maple Construction but this is no ordinary deck. All of the 8.06 boards come with a free limited edition pair of Stance socks to commemorate an epic year of our local hero winning Thrasher's coveted crown. Its also worth noting that a portion of the proceeds of every Ishod Soty deck sold will go to Youth Service Inc. in Philadelphia to help at risk teens and kids as a way for Ishod to give back to the community that gave so much to him and his skating. Come grab one of these before they are all gone to put one the wall or to shred. Either way the socks will look fresh as hell while you stoke out some inner city kids in the process. Now enjoy one of the 4 mind numbing parts that helped make our boy Ishod the 2013 Skater of the Year.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Deck of the Week: Habitat Thrasher Search the Horizon Collab


Company : Habitat
Skater : Brian Delatorre
Width : 8.25
Construction : Standard 7ply pressed Canadian maple from our buddies over at DNA distribution. Bet you all thought I'd go with Suciu huh??? WRONG!!! Sure Mark Suciu's part may be the kind of thing to catapult him into the elite after reading the interviews they both did in Thrasher a few months ago I was further assured that I was a larger Dela fan than Suciu. Nothing against Suciu and his technical mastery but Dela's raw aggressive style combined with his "could care less" attitude makes him the epitome of what skating is getting away from and simultaneously where skating should be going. Don't believe me? Check out this clip and then I dare you to disagree with me.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clip of the Week : Afternoon in the Park with Ryan Sheckler

No this was not a mistake nor did my account get hacked. I was actually lucky enough to find this video on Network A (Brower's new place of employment). While I hate on skaters that deserve to be hated on about as hard or even harder than anyone this dude's skating makes it tough for me to say anything but damn he rips. While his "coreness" and his "street cred" may have been seriously tarnished when he was seen crying on mtv and when the only skating you see him do is on ESPN its easy to right off Shecks but heres the deal. The kid still goes bigger than 99% of the other guys out there, he overcame what should have been a career ending injury, and he is one of only a select few that would be considered elite in park, street, and tranny. Hate if you must but watch this clip beforehand and then come with it. I, personally, cannot wait for this mythical Plan B video to eventually come out because I can only imagine the kind of footage he has put together over the amount of time they have made us wait.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Huf Ramondeta Pro

Company : Huf
Skater : Peter Ramondeta
Weight : 13.8oz
Construction : Huf is a new brand to The Shack and we couldn't be more stoked on it. It was probably their "plantlife" socks that got them noticed but it will be the quality in everything they have put out that will take them to the next level. This is the first shoe for Peter Ramondetta that features a sick collaboration with Spitfire Wheels and Loud Headphones (free set Party Horns with purchase). It comes with a low profile vulcanized rubber outsole with triple wrapped toe to prevent blowouts. Upper comprised of super soft and flexible suede and all come with Huf's stratusfoam insole for added cushion. Everyone owes it to themselves to give a pair of shoes that were made by true east coast legend Keith Hufnagel. Below you'll find a video of Ramondeta doing his Ramondeta thing and below that some classic footage of Huf himself reminding us how sick it is to be able to still buy skater owned goods. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Clip of the Week: Tony Cervantes in New Blood

I bet most of you assumed if I would be doing a clip of the week it would be The Lost Part with Bastien Salabazi. Well yeah that was sick and if you haven't seen that I strongly urge you to go to Thrasher right away but last night Jamie Thomas and the guys at Zero finally made the decision to turn one of the industry's nicest and gnarliest dudes pro after years of paying his dues and watching other guys turn am and enter the pro ranks while he patiently stood by and watched. Its just cool to watch a story where patience and loyalty is something that not only gains credibility but also pays off monetarily. Don't worry as soon as his boards come to market The Shack will definitely have all of them in stock. Now enjoy Tony's New Blood part from 2008.