Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoe of the Week : Etnies Barge LS

Company : Etnies
Skater : Team Shoe
Weight : 13oz.
Construction : The low-profile, vulcanized Barge LS is a team favorite that features slim, deconstructed styling with a thinly padded tongue and collar, incorporated 400 NBS rubber outsole and an STI Foam Lite Level 1 footbed for comfort. The thing that sets this shoe apart and helped to make it the "shoe of the week" was the price. This shoe, which we have in multiple colors, is only $55 retail. For those of you with your VIP Shack cards it comes to $46.75. For a brand new, skateable, durable, good looking shoe, that price is almost unbeatable. The dudes at Sole Tech (Etnies, Emerica, and ES) have realized that while a ton of hype from sneaker heads has driven up the price of most shoes in the market, actual skaters still need affordable options and don't give a shit about posting their new shoe pics on instagram and making sure they keep their box to add to the collection. This shoe is meant to be bought buy someone who will skate the hell out of it, it is then supposed to be enjoyed while getting tore up, patched up with crazy glue or shoe goo, tore up again and eventually tossed away. Come grab one of these or the Leo Laced, Reynolds Low Vulcs, Lakai MJs, or any other sub $60 shoe that you will love up until the day it inevitably blows out.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deck of the Week : Cliche Last Supper Cruiser Deck

Company : Cliche
Skater : You?? 
Artist : Marc McKee
Width : 8.75
Construction : This super versatile cruiser/transition shape features the artwork of the legendary graphic designer Marc McKee who made his mark in skateboarding history by making countless graphics for World Industries during the golden age of skateboarding........the 90s. Ok so the 90s was a little confusing and hardly skateboarding's golden age but what Marc McKee and the guys at World Industries ended up doing was critical to the skate industry today. They made graphics that were contemporary, controversial, and thought provoking. Without artists like Marc McKee and visionaries like Steve Rocco, the modern skater owned brands would have never had the guts to get started. Seeing guys like them take chances are exactly what makes skateboarding not a "sport" and instead a lifestyle.