Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shoe of the Week : eS Accel Slim Black w/ Gum

Company : eS
Skater : Whole team and anyone else who wants an updated version of skateboardings most iconic shoe.
Weight : 12oz. 
Construction : Pure skateboarding diesel. Centralized foot wrap for board control. STI open cell foam for foot contact, board feel, cushioning, and control. Natural rubber outsole for maximum grip and durability. Premium suede upper with a reinforced blowout spot and toe cap make this modern update of every skateboarders favorite all time shoe a must for any skater who wants the most out of their skateboarding. In a market where still more skater owned footwear brands are falling due to the sporting goods brands take over, the eS resurgence is a rare feel good story so as a skateboarding community lets keep it that way and continue to support a brand that has always and will always be about skateboarding functionality above all else. 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Deck of the Week : Terror of Planet X Jimmy The Mantis Chung Guest Board

Company : Terror of Planet X
Skater : Jimmy Chung
Width : Available in 8.0, 8.12, 8.25, and 8.5 (8.38 sold)
Construction : Pennswood. All you need to know. These are an extremely limited run of only 100 boards so if you want one, come get one. Angel at TOPX is killing it by surrounding himself with friends who support what hes doing and its helping to create a brand that makes can't miss collabs, graphics, and wood. For those who don't know who Jimmy Chung is, shame on you. That being said Jimmy is one of the Philly og pros that helped to push the entire east coast scene and more specifically the Love Park scene. With video credits that include the Fairmans Videos and Eastern Exposure he is one of the east coasts greats despite his relative early departure from the skate scene. Now enjoy Jimmy doing him thing in true 90's style

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Clip of the Week : Sable

This 16 minute video done by friend of The Shack, Matt Velez, is forcing me to go out of order for my blog posts. Normally we are due for a "Deck of the Week" but considering I am expecting some sick new wood in the next few days from Scumco, Real, Krooked, Antihero, and others I figured this was a good time to break trend and post this full length rad edit featuring a ton of local skaters that killed it and were filmed by another local that killed the editing process so hard that companies like Transworld, Quartersnacks, Harbor, and Politic Skateboards have all been sharing and promoting it. Matt did an awesome job of nailing the whole "less is more" editing feel while still doing a killer job of having each part seemlessly transition to the next. This is classic east coast filming and skating at its best that hammers home the point that creativity can be more fun to watch than amplitude and that consistency can be more impressive than craziness. All that being said, enjoy this video if you haven't already and a large congrats to all the dudes involved for making a video all of us from NJ can be proud to say represent our way of skateboarding.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Clip of the Week : Stay Flared Philadelphia

Some of you were lucky enough to be there and even a few more of you were lucky enough to stumble upon these guys in the city even before the demo but for those of you who didn't make the trek up to Philly.....you missed out. Four SOTYs, 1 GOAT, and about a dozen other guys who are all inside of mine and most peoples top 20 favorites in the same spot at the same time. This was an epic collaboration tour between 2 companies that are trying to fight to keep their spot in the industry they helped mold. It's mind blowing that at a time when skating has a place on network television and its popularity is garnering interest from sporting good conglomerates, energy drink companies, and department stores that two companies that are responsible for putting out videos like This Is Skateboarding, Fully Flared, and Stay Gold can't maintain a place in the marketplace. When the "skateboarding fad" passes and the running shoe companies that have decided to capitalize on the popularity of a sport that Lakai and Emerica helped to popularize what do you think the Nikes, Cons, and Adidas' of the world will do??? Ill tell you. Make more tennis, running, golf, football, baseball, and basketball shoes. They have no real investment in skateboarding. None. Lakai and Emerica have no plan B. They are 100% invested in skateboarding and they are in it for as long as skateboarding will have them. When the "fad" passes companies like Lakai and Emerica will still work to keep skateboarding and themselves alive. The running shoes companies will just leave the mess they caused and try to come back once again when the money seems easy. Now watch most of the best skaters in the world skate our favorite city and remember why they went around and did this. Because they give a shit.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Shoe of the Week : Lakai Guymar Stay Flared

Company : Lakai Ltd
Skater : Guy Mariano
Weight : 13oz.
Construction : The Lakai Guymar Stay Flared skate shoes feature comfort you've come to depend on from the Guy Mariano Pro Model, but with added Stay Flared details. Still present is the durable one-piece toe construction and board feel you expect from the Guymar. Bottom line is this shoe good. The front half of the outsole is a semi vulcanized construction allowing the board feel every skater wants under the balls of his feet but the shoe seemlessly transitions into a cupsole by the time it gets to the heel providing all of the durability, support, and impact protection not normally found in shoes that have as much feel and flexibility that this offers. We have this in 3 colors at the Shack and you owe it to yourself and the G.O.A.T. himself to try this thing out. Now watch the living legend himself do what only he can do in what many consider to be one of the best videos of all time.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Deck of the Week : Skateswords Swallower Deck

Company : Skateswords 
Skater : Anyone who wants to support a Philly based brand that takes skateboarding but not themselves seriously
Width : 8.25 (but comes in other sizes)
Construction : Local pressed. Locally screened. Locally designed. These dudes much like our friends at Harbor, ScumCo, TOPX, Politic, and Caravan make skateboards in the US by skateboarders. Skateswords was founded in 2009 and it sure looks like they have been having a blast ever since then. The self proclaimed best weapon in the skate industry is a must try for anyone who is in need of a new deck and wants to support a company that is the embodiment of skateboarding. Now enjoy the dudes who even caught the attention of the dudes over NikeDew.com more commonly called the Berrics (we wont hold that against them).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Clip of the Week : Austyn Gillette HUF Part

If you have come into the store recently and have asked me about the new Austyn shoe I may have chewed your ear off about how annoying that a vegan would make an all leather skate shoe. I don't mind vegans and I don't mind leather shoes but I hate hypocrisy and phonies. As it would turn out however, Austyn is neither of these things. After doing very quick and easy research I found an article where he dispelled the vegan rumor which I can only assume started by the fact that his old Habitat shoe was vegan and most of their team was also vegan at the time. Turns out Austyn is just the average run of the mill hipster that eats meat. That being said even if he was a hypocrite his skating would still be mind melting and his style would be second to very few if any. Haters , myself included, have been dogging him for not coming out with any footage since the a short Habitat part a few years ago but the co-founder of team handsome certainly shut me up. This part is sick. Still has the HUF artsy stamp and feel but its about his skating first and foremost unlike a certain other HUF skater who put out a part that was a little skating, a little cig smoking, and a few boob shots. Bottom line, Austyn Gillette rips,  I'm dumb, but I'm still not buying the shoe. Tons of new classic lo colors should be arriving any day now for those who want a HUF shoe to skate.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shoe of the Week : Fallen The Easy Saint Archer Collab

Company : Fallen
Skater : Slash and any fan of a good micro brew owned almost entirely by a collective of pro skaters
Weight : 13 oz.
Construction : The easy has a slim, casual upper and comes with elastic gussets which allow this shoe to be worn with or without laces. It has a low-profile vulcanized construction with abrasion resistant outsole making it a solid durable shoe for the vulc skate shoe fan. What makes this one a little extra special is the fact that it is a collab to celebrate the success of the Saint Archer Brewing Company of which Brian "Slash" Hansen is a part of. Having a beer sponsor for athletes may sound way too Mountain Dewy but this isn't like that. These dudes are part of the company and have helped to shape the way this whole brand of micro brews are marketed and sold. Do yourself a favor and grab this shoe and stop some place that carries Saint Archer on the way home to help unwind after a nice skate sesh. Now check out the dudes killing it to celebrate the launch of this sick collaboration.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Deck of the Week : Alien Workshop Any Means Prescription Deck

Company : Alien Workshop
Skater : A handful of amateur rippers and no pros...........yet
Width : 8.375 x 32.375
Construction :  7 Ply team maple from the dudes at Tum Yeto. When Alien first closed its doors I was hoping they would stay shut because the magic the brand had I didn't think could ever be recaptured. When I heard they were coming back and Tum Yeto would be handling the distribution and relaunch I was cautiously optimistic. While they were not able to bring back any of the riders from the old team and they have been criticized for taking an unconventional approach with relaunching a brand without a single pro athlete it seems as if they are getting back to their roots of graphics that are controversial, political, and all around rad. It is still early to say that Alien is back to where it was but in my opinion they are definitely doing things the right way and headed exactly in that direction. Now check out this clip of one of their select few new ams, Frankie Spears, that will be part of rebuilding what was once one of the most epic teams in all of skateboarding.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clip of the Week : Matt Berger's Pro Part

Skip back 4 months ago. Thrasher started putting out their annual "King of the Road" episodes with 3 teams that left everyone thinking.... eh. KOTR is normally reserved for the grimiest, heshiest, dirt baggiest of the skate industry. This year instead they asked element, flip, and birdhouse whose team's were a who's who of street league finalists (apologies to birdhouse, they don't fully apply to this stereotype). After a few episodes, however, I found myself getting stoked on dudes that I always thought were too robotic and mechanical. I was won over by nearly all of them, except Nyjah, and the Flip team didn't only convince me that Louie, Curren, and Alec were way radder than I previously thought, they also introduced us to Matt Berger. After the 3rd episode I found myself looking the dude up after seeing a few random clips during the KOTR webisodes. By the time it was done, Matt Berger ended up being one of my absolute favorite dudes that was on the come up. I again apologize for my ignorance, I am sure those in the know were well aware of Matt and his absurdly tech skills that somehow comes across as raw but to me this was his coming out. After all of that its no wonder the dudes at Flip decided to make him pro and that his pro part was mind numbing.  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shoe of the Week : HUF Classic Lo Canvas Pack

Company : HUF
Skater : Any Animal Friendly Skater Who is tired of blowing out shoes
Construction : This limited release version of HUF's extremely popular classic lo is an all vegan/vegetarian canvas upper with the same vulcanized sole and rubber toe cap that has helped make the suede version of this shoe such a crazy trend setter and awesome skateable option from the HUF line. Since this shoe was released over a year ago the reemergence of the rubber toe cap has exploded back onto the skate scene and it was no coincidence. Sure companies were already doing different things to reinforce the blowout spots in shoes but they were all just small subtle difference to help slightly prolong the life of the shoe while not hurting the shoes aesthetics. HUF took this and turned it on its head with this throwback look and instead of trying to hide the reinforcement they made it the shoes focal point. Even if HUF's fashion forward and unique styles aren't exactly your thing you have to respect a company who is the one leading and setting trends instead of following them. Now as always is a clip of the HUF guys getting it done as a thank you to all who took to the time to listen to my ramblings about a company I am pretty passionate about.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Deck of the Week : Creature Hesh Camp Ltd.

Company : Creature
Skater : Al Partanen
Width : 8.2 x 31.9
Construction : Remember that time you weren't freezing your ass off? That time before your car woudn't start, and it was 20 degrees outside? Creature Skateboards is proud to present Al Partanen's Hesh Camp, a board dedicated to the "before" times. The times when the sun was shining, and you could take a piss anywhere. When pitching a tent was an essential key to survival and less of a boner reference. These boards are limited to 340 pieces (we are lucky enough to have #3) and come on Al's favorite 8.2 sled. Buy one, thaw out, spill blood. Now enjoy the CSFU crew kill it in this old clip.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Clip of the week : ***TRUST*** by BRONZE 56K Hardware

Cant lie, I wasn't as aware of the Bronze 56k Hardware crew as I should have been but I am now on board. After watching Trust I went back and watched Solo Jazz and Enron I am now a forever fan. These dudes combine powerhouse east coast skating, beautiful yet grainy vx filming, and an unrelenting creativity in editing that would be annoying if it didn't so seamlessly done. Add to that some of the east's heaviest hitters that have been overdue for a platform like this and you have a video that you will want to watch over and over that will immediately get you in the mood to skate. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Shoe of the Week : eS Accelerate

Company : eS
Skater : Team (which is already nasty and growing)
Construction : The Accelerate skate shoes from eS offer a supportive, impact-resistant cupsole with a durable suede and nubuck upper that's perforated on the sides and vamp for breathability. Designed to mirror the original Accel shoes that started it all. The Shack is stoked to be one of the select shops that has been invited to join in the eS family and with new offerings such as this shoe its no wonder why. When eS left skateboarding it was because their place in the market was overrun by running shoe brands that have been staging a coup against skater owned and operated companies. A little over a year ago now the guys at Sole Tech decided enough was enough. While the running shoe companies are still looming largely over a heavily contested industry Sole Tech decided to keep taking the fight to them. Between eS , Etnies, and Emerica, the Sole Tech brands are aggressively presenting good looking skateable alternatives to its former loyal customer base who is growing tired of the same old running shoe inspired models the larger sporting goods corporations  are offering. This new black/white/orange model will be available in our store this week and online shortly after so do yourself and skateboarding a favor and say no to the Nike/Cons/Adidas bs and go back to supporting the core. As always heres a nice reminder video to reward those who were patient enough to read through my rant. Oh and it just so happens to be one of the best if not the best skate video of all time........enjoy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Deck of the Week : Terror of Planet X Welcome to Hell Deck

Company : Terror of Planet X 
Skater : Mike Maldonado
Width : 8.0, 8.25, 8.5
Construction : Made in the xxxxing U.S.A. The dudes over at Terror of Planet X have been all over the Northeast scene recently and The Shack is stoked to be able to make them a part of our offering. The boards should be on the wall by the end of the week. This one is my favorite for a shit ton of reasons. The "welcome to hell" graphic is an homage to what many consider to be the best skate video of all time by the same name that Mike Maldonado was a part of. The misfitsesque graphic definitely hammers home that old school punk feel and the fact the it is made in the USA, comes in a bunch of sizes, and is the pro model of an east coast legend makes this an instant Donny-favorite. We can't wait to get these on the wall and start repping another east coast brand that is doing it right. Now check out Adam Hribar put the USA wood to the test


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clip of the Week : Guy Mariano "Life on Video"

I was late to the game when it came to watching this series that was released on The Berrics. Maybe its because it was on the Berrics and I hate navigating Nike ad after Nike ad just to watch a video or maybe it was because I didn't want to see a biography of a dude thats still destroying it. The whole vibe from it led me to believe that it was big reminiscing about how good Guy was and to be fair it was kind of that up until part 5. The best/worst thing about it, however, was how Guy so casually talked about video part after video part. The thing thats bad about it is that if you are just some kid who is just getting into skating you may watch this and think Guy is just a dude who has been around for a long time. Uh, no. Listening to Guy reminded me how rad he was as a person and how rad skating is as a lifestyle. He speaks about each part as if they were such a struggle and how each were just a different simple level of a small personal accomplishments. THEY WERE NOT. MOUSE WAS A GAME CHANGER, FULLY FLARED WAS A GAME CHANGER and in PRETTY SWEET HE DELIVERED THE BEST VIDEO PART EVER!!! This series of videos was an awesome way to spend a snowy day in NJ and I suggest all of you watch all 5 parts of this and ignore the fact that the dude talking is under appreciating the best skater of all-time. In this instance the two just happen to be the same person.