Saturday, February 22, 2014

Clip of the Week: Bruns Skate Jawn w/ Nik Stain

While we have been fans of Skate Jawn for a little while now, we were especially stoked to see a video of theirs on Thrasher . This video is the third time the bible went out of their way to showcase things our buds on the east coast have going on and after watching this sick clip of raw northeast style ripping its easy to see why the Phelper and company have soft spot for our boys from the right coast. Now peep Nik Stain tear through some sketchy city lines and a few world famous city spots.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Deck of the week: Real Ishod Soty 2013

Company: Real
Skater: Ishod Wair
Width: 8.06 & 8.25
Construction: Standard Real Maple Construction but this is no ordinary deck. All of the 8.06 boards come with a free limited edition pair of Stance socks to commemorate an epic year of our local hero winning Thrasher's coveted crown. Its also worth noting that a portion of the proceeds of every Ishod Soty deck sold will go to Youth Service Inc. in Philadelphia to help at risk teens and kids as a way for Ishod to give back to the community that gave so much to him and his skating. Come grab one of these before they are all gone to put one the wall or to shred. Either way the socks will look fresh as hell while you stoke out some inner city kids in the process. Now enjoy one of the 4 mind numbing parts that helped make our boy Ishod the 2013 Skater of the Year.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Deck of the Week: Habitat Thrasher Search the Horizon Collab


Company : Habitat
Skater : Brian Delatorre
Width : 8.25
Construction : Standard 7ply pressed Canadian maple from our buddies over at DNA distribution. Bet you all thought I'd go with Suciu huh??? WRONG!!! Sure Mark Suciu's part may be the kind of thing to catapult him into the elite after reading the interviews they both did in Thrasher a few months ago I was further assured that I was a larger Dela fan than Suciu. Nothing against Suciu and his technical mastery but Dela's raw aggressive style combined with his "could care less" attitude makes him the epitome of what skating is getting away from and simultaneously where skating should be going. Don't believe me? Check out this clip and then I dare you to disagree with me.