Monday, November 7, 2016

Shoe of the Week : Diamond Footwear The Torey

Company : Diamond Footwear
Skater : Torey Pudwill
Weight : 15 oz.
Construction : Introducing the first signature shoe from Diamond Footwear, The Torey offers a minimal aesthetic, supreme comfort, and ultimate board feel. The Torey features a suede upper, mid to low hybrid collar height, low-profile vulcanized outsole, custom oversized Diamond heel tab, PU socklinner for supreme cushioning and support, custom herringbone tread pattern for flexibility and traction. While Diamond isn't my typical style its important to remember that Diamond is still first and foremost a private skater owned brand. Their first collection while small does a solid job of illustrating Diamond's signature style in a way that still appeals to people who wouldn't typically expect themselves to rock a Diamond snapback. The Torey is the first shoe from one of the founders of the company who happens to be one of it not the best ledge skater of all time and is definitely worth a shot.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clips of the Week : Epicly Later'd Dylan Rieder

I know everyone and their brother is posting clips and video put out by the now late Dylan Rieder and trust me when I say they are ALL worth watching (yes even the Mind Field part that Dylan himself hated). From his introduction to the skateboarding world in "Time to Shine" by Transworld where he got the ending part in at only 18 years old to his new parts including his Huf Shoe promo part and Cherry, Dylan was always able to somehow combine style, speed, and technicality. Its a near impossible balance that only a handful of skaters have ever been able capture and probably none better than Dylan himself. Since everyone has seen most of his parts, the Gravis one is still my favorite, I figured I would instead post these videos that Pat O'Dell did that helps to show a bit of Dylan's struggles and accomplishments that helped make him one of mine and nearly everyone else's all-time favorites. Now enjoy getting to know Dylan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Deck of the Week : Toy Machine Hand Gun

Company : Toy Machine
Skater : Daniel Lutheran
Width : 8.25
Construction : Standard 7 ply Canadian maple wood from the standard in wood, PS. Seeing Thrasher post a poll on which teams will compete in this years KOTR it made me reminisce about this past season that was aired on my new favorite channel, Viceland. Just like everyone who watched I was rooting for equal parts Toy Machine and Chocolate and Dan Lu was definitely a crowd favorite as well as one of mine. I'm not exactly sure who I want to see compete this year but I know I don't want to watch any more of Birdhouse though I would like to see Clint Walker lose so I am a bit torn on those guys. Either way KOTR this year will rule and Dan Lu will continue to rule. Now heres the raw files of his most recent full part which gave him some pretty serious SOTY consideration last year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Clip of the Week : Never Skatebored

Like you up until this point I had never heard of Jarne Verbruggen before watching this and your friend that said he's always liked Jarne is bullshitting you. If you are questioning my patriotism I don't blame you. It does feel like my last however many "Clips of the Week" have been different euro/canadian skaters or skate companies but I can't help it. This video in particular shows a young guy having a blast doing stuff that is barely comprehensible but when it looks like your having fun doing it the otherwise impossible level of skating seems far more relatable. I'm not inferring that all American skaters don't do this I am just saying in this 6 minute edit Jarne does, and its awesome. Now meet and enjoy Jarne Verbruggen and his "Never Skatebored" part. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shoe of the Week : Lakai Flaco x Chocolate Skateboards

Company : Lakai
Skater : Stevie Perez (Chocolate Collab)
Weight : 12 oz. 
Construction : The Lakai Flaco skate shoes feature a suede toe cap that extends back towards the side panels where extra rubber backing is applied for added wear resistance from ollies. The lightweight vulcanized sole ensures flexible board feel right out of the box. This Stevie Perez pro model is a collaboration with Chocolate Skateboards, so rest easy knowing your feet are in good hands. In the coming months we will see a lot more solid new models from the new younger Lakai squad. Anyone who thought they'd be in trouble after Guy and MJ left haven't been paying enough attention to just how stacked the Lakai team is at the young pro and am level and as always the design team is on point. There is also rumor of a new Lakai video in the making and if thats true then next time you say Lakai is in trouble you will be laughed at. Now watch Flaco himself put these shoes to the test.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Deck of the Week : Girl Spike Jonze Beastie Boys Deck

Company : Girl
Skater : Team Deck
Artist : Movie/Skate Video/Music Video Director Extraordinaire Spike Jonze
Width : 8.25
Construction : Traditional tried and tested crailtap wood with a pretty epic still from probably my favorite music video of all time. I guess this dates me a little bit but the video for "Sabotage" (not the northeast skate video with lots of naked homeless people, the 2 minute Beastie Boys video satirizing 70's police movies) holds up to the test of time. Combine that with a deck brand that has been going through mild turmoil as the sporting goods giants continue to take a stranglehold over the industry that the guys at Girl and Chocolate helped to mold and this deck was a no brainer deck of the week for me. We got a few of these in and most of them are already either being skated or hung on a wall somewhere I believe theres at least one left at The Shack. Now I would have loved to have attached a copy of the original video for you all to enjoy but its harder to find online than I would have thought. Instead here is one of Spike's other classic videos thats a little more relevant to our blog. 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Clip of the Week : The Dime Video

While this is technically the fourth video that the Canadian based website Dime has put out this is quite obviously the one that has been given the largest exposure in the states. Needless to say this is not a bad thing. This video includes a handful of very familiar names headlined by shop favorite Jake Johnson and an even larger list of north of the border rippers who most of us are seeing skate for the first time. The Canadian answer to the Northeast's Quartersnacks does an awesome job of instilling faith in the US based skate community who are planning on moving up north if President Trump ends up getting elected. While we may have to leave the country we grew up loving at least we will be going to a country full of sick spots with an unmistakably east coast style and vibe. This video is an awesome compliment to the Thrasher video library that is being released the same time as KOTR. Both represent two opposite sides of the skate spectrum and somehow both are still rad as shit. Now if we can only eliminate the lameness that the running shoe brands have injected into skateboarding we will only have platforms with varying styles which are all unique and sick in their own ways instead of a contest driven, red camera filming, energy drink promoting doucheyness that Nike has forced down our throats.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Shoe of the Week : DVS Quentin

Company : DVS
Skater : Kerry Getz
Weight : 10oz.
Construction : Clean one piece suede toe construction prevents stitch blowouts. Die cut EVA midsole for added comfort. Molded EVA footbed for a smooth ride. Herringbone tread for maximum grip. This shoe is one of the many new trend of shoes that are modern cupsoles that skate like vulcs. DVS may be trying to rebrand and be trying to recapture the northeast market by adding an east coast legend like Kerry to their team but they have never stopped making solid shoes designed to last and to skate awesome. As many of you know the guys at DVS have been generous enough to hook up a couple of our young local rippers like The Shack's own Matt Giovanni so lets hope that combined with the presence of Kerry combines to help put DVS back on the map and helps them navigate the seemingly impossible skate shoe market that is becoming more and more dominated by non skateboarding companies. Support skateboarding brands, support east coast skaters, and support local studs and come by The Shack and try a pair of these new Quentins. Now enjoy an east coast og in a part for one of the east coast's og shops videos.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Deck of the Week : Lurkville Laser Monster Team Board

Company : Lurkville
Skater : Lets just go with Dolan Stearns
Width : 8.5
Construction : 100% Made in the USA wood from Quincy Woodrights. If you don't know about Lurkville then do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes watching some videos on their youtube page. There retro graphics combined with top of the line wood, combined with a team full of dudes who turn gritty pavement and seemingly unskateable features into their own personal playground make Lurkville one of the Shack's new instant favorite brands. Now watch Dolan Stearns get it done and see for yourself why these will definitely have a place on the deck wall moving forward. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Clip of the Week : Tom Knox's "Vase" Part

Ok I'll admit I'm a little behind on my video parts but in trying to catch up this one stopped me dead in my tracks. Besides sharing the name of skate royalty Tom Knox clearly also shares the skate chops as well. I remember seeing his footage in Eleventh Hour and wondering where the hell he came from and now seeing his skating mature even more is nothing short of inspiring. This video part from Isle skateboards featuring the young Brit has an almost east coast feel to it thanks to the grimy street style skating in spots that look almost unskateable. It combines creative long lines along with heavy hammers to make the nearly perfect video part. Isle and Tom Knox have been on the radar of American skate enthusiasts for a little while but Vase should put them on the mainstream radar. Do yourself a favor and download the whole thing after watching this one part.