Monday, March 31, 2014

Shoe of the Week : Lakai Pico XLK

Company : Lakai Limited
Skater : Lakai Team (but lets go with Guy Mariano, Happy Birthday by the way)
Color : Bison Suede (Brown/Brown Gum)
Weight : 11oz.
Construction : This rare cup sole released this spring by our friends over at Crailtap has a form fitting suede and canvas upper that give this shoe insane comfort and flexibility. Lakai specializes in vulc but their "XLK" sole is their slightly more bulked up and more supportive version that provides all the cushion you need while still providing solid board feel. The XLK collection is typically offered in most of Lakai's best selling models to provide the cupsole skater with Lakai options. This Pico XLK is exactly that. I decided to do this specific one because it reminded me of a lot of those sick late 90's early 2000's colorways which are starting to trend again with companies like ES reemerging and bringing back a bit of a nostalgic style once again to skateboarding. Now to honor the GOAT himself on his birthday, enjoy Guy Mariano doing his Guy thing, as always in "the shoes we skate".

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Clip of the week : Harbor Goes South

The guys over at Harbor are the perfect reminder of why skateboarding is not dead as so many critics seem to constantly echo over social media due to the new "swaggy" generation of skaters who wear Nike, shop at Zumiez and constantly peruse (ccs) to see what the corporations say is cool. Harbor is as local to Manahawkin and as core as any company can possibly be. The owner is a local, their designers are local, and their team (Brian, Matt, Mike, Dan, etc.) can regularly be found ripping at all the usual parks and spots that everyone reading this frequents themselves. Companies like Harbor are skateboarding and are the kind of thing that help to drive it in the way it should be going. Tons of start ups pop up year after year in our industry and its so easy for them to show up at contests and hand out stickers to the groms and dangle the "s" word over all of their heads and then expect that to somehow translate into them becoming the next Plan B. Harbor is taking the more noble and (in my mind) correct approach. Kevin, the owner, skates. Kevin's friends skate, and skate well. Kevin makes boards for himself and his friends to help them skate even better. To promote the brand they go and skate together. This absurdly simplistic approach IS HOW IT IS DONE and this video is nothing more than friends skating together, they just happen to skate better than us. Now stop reading this and watch the dudes tear on a good old fashioned road trip down to Richmond, VA.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Deck of the Week : Antihero Grantihero

Company : Antihero
Skater : Grant Taylor
Width : 8.43
Construction : Fortunately for the guys over at Antihero, Deluxe wood tends to be second to none because the Antihero guys would have a hard enough time spelling deck let alone making one. While I know this one has been out for a few weeks it still stokes me out. All joking aside, its pretty sick that Grant has been accepted into the ranks of skate royalty at Antihero that includes Julien Stranger, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, TNT and THE John Cardiel. This was a match made in hell that everyone knew was inevitable by the way that Grant made every pool his personal playground. Now if you haven't already, watch this welcome to the team video of the 2011 SOTY that was put together in only a few weeks even though the footage is good enough to be in a part that would take a year to film. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Etnies Highlight Black w/ Camo

Company : Etnies
Skater : Tyler Bledsoe
Weight : 7.8 oz. (almost 2oz. lighter than the previous lightest shoe we have ever weighed)
Construction : Almost too much tech to describe. The new Etnies Highlight is built without the added weight of rubber. By integrating "STI Evolution Foam" in the footbed, midsole and outsole, this shoe offers a durable fit that's incredibly lightweight. It has a suede, textile and synthetic upper with a single piece toe which features a laser etched out  hard-silicone backed ollie area to prevent blowouts. It also features an inner booty and moisture wicking liner to keep your heel in place and your feet nice and cool. Bottom line you owe it to yourself to try these on. Now check out Tyler himself in Etnies promo they put out for this very shoe.