Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Clip of the Week : Afternoon in the Park with Ryan Sheckler

No this was not a mistake nor did my account get hacked. I was actually lucky enough to find this video on Network A (Brower's new place of employment). While I hate on skaters that deserve to be hated on about as hard or even harder than anyone this dude's skating makes it tough for me to say anything but damn he rips. While his "coreness" and his "street cred" may have been seriously tarnished when he was seen crying on mtv and when the only skating you see him do is on ESPN its easy to right off Shecks but heres the deal. The kid still goes bigger than 99% of the other guys out there, he overcame what should have been a career ending injury, and he is one of only a select few that would be considered elite in park, street, and tranny. Hate if you must but watch this clip beforehand and then come with it. I, personally, cannot wait for this mythical Plan B video to eventually come out because I can only imagine the kind of footage he has put together over the amount of time they have made us wait.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shoe of the Week: Huf Ramondeta Pro

Company : Huf
Skater : Peter Ramondeta
Weight : 13.8oz
Construction : Huf is a new brand to The Shack and we couldn't be more stoked on it. It was probably their "plantlife" socks that got them noticed but it will be the quality in everything they have put out that will take them to the next level. This is the first shoe for Peter Ramondetta that features a sick collaboration with Spitfire Wheels and Loud Headphones (free set Party Horns with purchase). It comes with a low profile vulcanized rubber outsole with triple wrapped toe to prevent blowouts. Upper comprised of super soft and flexible suede and all come with Huf's stratusfoam insole for added cushion. Everyone owes it to themselves to give a pair of shoes that were made by true east coast legend Keith Hufnagel. Below you'll find a video of Ramondeta doing his Ramondeta thing and below that some classic footage of Huf himself reminding us how sick it is to be able to still buy skater owned goods. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Clip of the Week: Tony Cervantes in New Blood

I bet most of you assumed if I would be doing a clip of the week it would be The Lost Part with Bastien Salabazi. Well yeah that was sick and if you haven't seen that I strongly urge you to go to Thrasher right away but last night Jamie Thomas and the guys at Zero finally made the decision to turn one of the industry's nicest and gnarliest dudes pro after years of paying his dues and watching other guys turn am and enter the pro ranks while he patiently stood by and watched. Its just cool to watch a story where patience and loyalty is something that not only gains credibility but also pays off monetarily. Don't worry as soon as his boards come to market The Shack will definitely have all of them in stock. Now enjoy Tony's New Blood part from 2008.