Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clips of the Week : Epicly Later'd Dylan Rieder

I know everyone and their brother is posting clips and video put out by the now late Dylan Rieder and trust me when I say they are ALL worth watching (yes even the Mind Field part that Dylan himself hated). From his introduction to the skateboarding world in "Time to Shine" by Transworld where he got the ending part in at only 18 years old to his new parts including his Huf Shoe promo part and Cherry, Dylan was always able to somehow combine style, speed, and technicality. Its a near impossible balance that only a handful of skaters have ever been able capture and probably none better than Dylan himself. Since everyone has seen most of his parts, the Gravis one is still my favorite, I figured I would instead post these videos that Pat O'Dell did that helps to show a bit of Dylan's struggles and accomplishments that helped make him one of mine and nearly everyone else's all-time favorites. Now enjoy getting to know Dylan.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Deck of the Week : Toy Machine Hand Gun

Company : Toy Machine
Skater : Daniel Lutheran
Width : 8.25
Construction : Standard 7 ply Canadian maple wood from the standard in wood, PS. Seeing Thrasher post a poll on which teams will compete in this years KOTR it made me reminisce about this past season that was aired on my new favorite channel, Viceland. Just like everyone who watched I was rooting for equal parts Toy Machine and Chocolate and Dan Lu was definitely a crowd favorite as well as one of mine. I'm not exactly sure who I want to see compete this year but I know I don't want to watch any more of Birdhouse though I would like to see Clint Walker lose so I am a bit torn on those guys. Either way KOTR this year will rule and Dan Lu will continue to rule. Now heres the raw files of his most recent full part which gave him some pretty serious SOTY consideration last year.