Wednesday, February 27, 2013

King Of The Shack, explained

Every year for the last 10 years Thrasher Magazine has held their King Of The Road contest in which 4 different skateboard brands assemble their teams and do a nationwide skate scavenger hunt of sorts. Guys get tattoos, break bones, and put it all on the line for the glory of being crowned that year's King Of The Road. The most recent one was won by Alien Workshop, and one of the teams involved was Creature Skateboards. 

Our two Team Managers Kyle Spaeth and Kyle McCormick are both massive fans of Creature. We found out there was a way to get our hands on 1 of the jerseys that the Creature team wore during the KOTR. So we did it, but again, we could only get 1. 

So instead of having them do something lame to see who gets the jersey we decided to create The King Of The Shack to determine who will receive this one-of-a-kind jersey. They both got to pick a team member, Spaeth picked Jake Brown and McCormick picked Kyle Calandra. It started Monday night with the skateboard toss and is ongoing until this Friday morning. Obviously, this is just a local thing and nowhere near the level of debauchery that Thrasher accomplishes with the KOTR. 

None the less, we hope you enjoy the following days of these two making fools of themselves and dedicating their efforts to being crowned King of the Shack. Stay tuned for lots more from this, as below is merely just a sampling of the tasks they have been completing. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

deck of the week: Theotis Beasley Cap'n Crunch by BAKER

company: Baker
skater: Theotis Beasley
width: 8.25"
construction: The Baker Theotis 8.25" skate deck features a custom "Theotis" script with a Cap'n Crunch printed background, has a rock hard 7-ply maple construction, and a great shape for shredding around like the up and coming Baker skateboard pro Theotis Beasley! Yes, it is actual Captain Crunch on the background of this deck...
price: $55

Friday, February 22, 2013

shoe of the week: Emerica's The Leo

company: Emerica
skater: Leo Romero
color-way: green white yellow
weight: 12.5 ounces (for a size 9)
construction: "The" Leo is a brand-new cupsole version of Leo Romero's very first pro model shoe. Confused? Don't be! The new "The" Leo is designed for even more skateboarding abuse. Got it? Good. Now get it!
  • Suede
  • Thin padded tongue and collar
  • Box-stitched Ollie area for protection
  • Foam Lite level 1 footbed
  • 400 NBS natural gum rubber cupsole

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MATIX has arrived

Here at The Shack we've always prided ourselves in offering the best hardgoods at the best price. And now we're going to be offering the best in cut and sew skate apparel in Manahawkin. We've started with MATIX, and today we've just received our first shipment of the goods and set up a whole little MATIX area in the shop. Along with some more apparel brands set to arrive later this spring, we're also expanding our footwear offering in the coming months. Stay tuned for more on our expanded offerings as things start to come in...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing Stephen Carty

Stephen Carty is our newest team member here at The Shack. He's 16 years old, lives in Hammonton, and skates more than you. Below are two clips of Steve at the 3:00 mark opening up for Ishod Wair, no bigs.

Stephen has already had some decent contest results (2nd in last year's Philly Am and 4th in last year's Wild In The Parks) and he'll be heading to the Phoenix Am this spring with good buddy Ronnie Kessner. Stay tuned for much more from Steve.

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend's raffle & Instagram winners

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, shopped, and subsequently entered themselves into our first big raffle here at The Shack. The winners are announced on the video...

And here's the shot of Ronnie Kessner that Dylan DiMauro posted and garnered the most 'likes' on Instagram to win himself a new Thrasher hoodie. Here's all the winners for this weekend:

Thrasher hoodie Instagram contest: Dylan DiMauro
Thrasher/TransWorld issues and stickers: Aaron Tomczak
Emerica Reynolds Chillers: George Gottiaux
Cliche/Bad Brains deck: Richie Lyons

Happy Battle Commander Day...

The Battle Commander is sorta like the President. Except that Jamie Thomas still murks it despite staring down the age of 40. Looking forward to his command at The Berrics in the upcoming weeks and months.

Friday, February 15, 2013

clip of the week: Bones Video II New Ground

BONES WHEELS PRESENTS "NEW GROUND" STARRING: Ben Raybourn, Jared Huss, Trent McClung, Trevor McClung, Evan Smith, MOOSE, Josh Hawkins, Aldrin Garcia, Jordan Hoffart, JAWS, Dakota Servold, Chris Joslin, David Gravette, Chris Haslam, Ryan Decenzo, Kevin Kowalski, Brad McClain, Matt Berger, Kevin Romar, and many more........

Thursday, February 14, 2013

President's Day Weekend Sale, Giveaways, And Instagram Contest

Starting Friday and running through Monday afternoon we're running a big President's Day Weekend Sale here at The Shack. Some of the sale items include:

  • up to 50% off ALL shoes
  • ALL flannels 50% off
  • $5 'Sandy' t-shirts, or 3 for $10
But we're not only just selling things on massive discount, because that would be lame. We also wanna give you free things to celebrate our dead presidents. We'll be running a raffle all weekend (you get 1 raffle ticket for every $20 you spend), with the grand prize being a Cliche/Bad Brains skate deck. There's tons of more prizes we're also giving away (like some Emerica shoes, skate mags, and more gear), and we'll be be picking the winners out of a hat on Monday afternoon. Here's the details on that:
And lastly, we're running an Instagram contest starting Friday and through 5pm on Monday afternoon. Take your best skate photo on Instagram and tag SurfShackSouth in the photo. The photo that garners the most 'likes' by Monday afternoon will win a FREE Thrasher hoodie!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

a fisheye for your iPhone

Just in stock here at The Shack Board Shop is Alien Workshop's latest endeavor—a collaboration fisheye lens for the iPhone 4/4s with Century Optics, all supported by Omar Salazar. It's called the iPro Lens System, and since it's got the backing of Omar Salazar and made by Century Optics (who changed skateboard videos with the "Death Lens") we're excited to see what this baby can do. Come peep it and grab yourself one if you're trying to get some quality footy and don't wanna invest in a GoPro.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

lil clip

Kyle Calandra keeping busy during the winter doldrums and waiting for days like today when there's actually surf.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

deck of the week: David Gonzalez Hablo P2 deck

company: Flip
skater: David Gonzalez
width: 8.0"
construction: After several years of development, P2 (Pro-2) construction has been created as the next level in skateboard decks. P2 technology includes an oval-shaped [aramid] fiber reinforcement panel, which enhances the natural performance and pop of its supporting seven, thin veneers of maple. The oval shape is designed to spread stresses and loads throughout the entire deck, versus around only the areas closest to the trucks. The P2 construction provides exceptional added resilience to the deck creating a Spring-Loaded Pop effect. P2 decks are thinner and lighter than old fashioned 7-ply wood skateboards. The Aramid fiber used to make P2 decks is expensive stuff, but Spring-Loaded Pop is priceless.
price: $65

Get on with SpotOn already

What is SpotOn? from SpotOn on Vimeo.

We've recently partnered up with SpotOn to condense all those loyalty cards you're carrying around to one card for every business. Other local businesses on the program include: La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, Not Just Yogurt, Brazzi Brick Oven Pizza, Chicken and Ribs, Shore Fire Grille, D.F. August, The Vintage Chocolate & Sweet Shop, All About Me, and lots of other Ocean County businesses. The card is also available as an app for your phone, so you can totally eliminate any rewards cards forever. And an FYI to everyone, our current reward here at The Shack is 6 "spots" (or physical check-ins) and you'll receive a free Thrasher or TransWorld SKATE Mag.

Monday, February 4, 2013

clip of the week: Ishod Wair gets Sabotaged

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Thrasher has got this remix of Jersey boy Ishod Wair's part (re-mixed) from Philly based skate series Sabotage 3. Check out Ishod's part above and grab a copy of Sabotage here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

shoe of the week: DC Mikey Taylor

company: DC
skater: Mikey Taylor
color-way: blue/white
weight: 12.2 ounces (for a size 9)
construction: Mikey and our design squad worked hard to ensure his first signature model was a banger, and they delivered. The Mikey Taylor S features clean, sleek lines, a SuperSuede toe for durability and grip, and an OrthoLite sockliner for comfort and support. Other features include:
  • Mikey Taylor's First DC Signature Model
  • Clean Toe
  • New Sleek Shape and Fit
  • SuperSuede™ Toe
  • Heavy Duty Suede Upper
  • Foam Padded Tongue
  • Piping Details
  • Custom Footbed Graphics & Tongue Logo
  • OrthoLite™ Sockliner for Comfort and Support
  • Performance Cup Sole
  • DC's Trademarked "Pill Pattern" Recessed Tread